Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

“PDR” is a very effective and smart way to repair hail damage to your vehicle. A nasty hailstorm can leave hundreds of dings in your vehicle that are just noticeable enough to require adjustment, but not so big that a more large-scale service is required. Three benefits to having professional PDR service performed:

    1. Time Is on Your Side –PDR takes considerably less time than more traditional dent removal methods, so an experienced technician can get your vehicle out of their shop and back on the road usually within three days. Of course, any dent that is beyond the size of a golf ball may take a little longer, but a three day estimate is a very reasonable expectation for most repair issues.
    2. Big Savings – As long as the damage is accessible and right around the size of something less than a freakishly large hail stone, the cost for PDR is generally considered very reasonable. When compared to traditional repair methods that require panel replacement, repair and paint, PDR saves customers time and money.
    3. Original Paint – Perhaps the biggest advantage realized by customers that use PDR is they get to keep the original paint of their vehicle. This contributes to obvious aesthetic value because there is no attempted color matching to perform. It also contributes to increased resale value. A mismatched color, no matter how slight the difference may be can considerably decrease your car’s resale value. PDR will not affect your car’s original paint job.

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