In Texas it is not a matter of “if” car will suffer hail damage, but rather a matter of when it will happen. In April of this year the massive storms that rolled through caused property damage totaling more than $600 million. That included over $300 million in automobile damage. It estimated that 50,000 vehicles in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area suffered damage, from two separate storms that dropped hail that ranging in size from that of blueberries to tennis balls.

It isn't a Matter or "If" but "When" Hail Damage Will Occur

What to Do after a Hail Storm?

The Texas Department of Insurance offers these tips:

  • Check your car for dents and broken glass.
  • Cover glass to with plastic sheeting to prevent further damage to the interior.
  • Make note of all damage you find.
  • Contact your insurance company right away to start the claims process.
  • Make an appointment for an adjuster to assess the damage.
  • Collect necessary paperwork, including insurance coverage.
  • Contact a reputable local repair center, capable of providing the comprehensive services you will need.
  • Be careful of fraud.

How Dallas Paintless Dent Repair Can Help you Recover

After a hail storm, the market is flooded with auto repair companies suddenly claiming to be experts in hail damage. At Dallas Paintless Dent Repair we have dedicated our entire business to providing paintless dent repair. Our experts methodically remove hail damage, dings, dents and even creases in a way that doesn’t require body filler or paint. All of our technicians are highly-skilled with many years of experience in the automobile dent repair industry.

To see our work in action, visit our website to view videos or contact us today to schedule an assessment of your hail damage and receive a free estimate.