When your car in Dallas has experienced hail damage, the exterior of your car needs to be taken care of. Often, when hail is too large, paintless dent removal is no longer an option – and that’s when you need quality auto painting.

The Importance of Quality Auto Painting After Hail Damage

Quality is of the utmost importance. You don’t want just any company handling the paint because you need it to look good. There should be no way to tell what part of the car experienced the hail damage once all the work has been done.

This requires:

  • Body filling
  • Professional body work
  • Color matching

If you don’t have the dent from the hail filled in before painting, then there will be a divot that’s always visible. Further, if the paint is not matched to the year, make, and model of your car, it will be obvious that work has been done. This is not what you want – you want your car to look like new after you have dealt with a hail storm.

Finding the Right Paint & Body Shop

You’re going to find plenty of places in Dallas for paint and body work. When you don’t need a lot of work, paintless dent removal is a great, affordable option. In some areas, it might be exactly what’s needed. However, when the hail is too large and the damage is too extensive, you need a shop that will take the repair to the next level.

Talk to a body shop, look at their reputation online, and see what they will do to get your car looking it’s very best.

Learn more about professional auto painting by calling for an estimate today.