If you live in the Frisco area and have suffered recent hail damage to your beloved vehicle then we have great news for you. Our auto body repair shop is here for all your hail damage needs. In fact, the only thing we do at our shop is repair hail damaged vehicles. Instead of doing an OK job at many different things, we focus on one primary kind of repair, ensuring our customers that they are only getting the best in auto body hail damage repair.

Frisco Dent Repair For Your Hail Damaged Vehicle

Our Hail Damage Repair Process

We make it as easy as possible for you. All you do is simply contact our shop and schedule an appointment. We will repair your vehicle as quickly as possible and it will come back to you restored to its former glory. We will even give it a detail. All you have to do is worry about insurance.

Why Go With Us?

Since our shop is small, you will receive our undivided attention and excellent customer service while your vehicle is being taken care of. Our Frisco dent repair technicians are also specially trained and highly experienced in the area of hail damage so you can know your vehicle is getting the best possible attention. The best news of all is that we will save you money. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, you probably won’t even have any out of pocket expenses.

If you have any questions about Frisco dent repair for your hail damaged vehicle, contact us today.