The National Hail Team is a group of talented auto body technicians who specialize solely in repairing cars that suffer damage in hail storms. Not only can cars get fixed in Dallas, but the team is ready to move into other markets that may have had catastrophic hailstorms.

Why to Engage With the National Hail Team

Hail storms are the number one cause of dents and minor surface damage to vehicles in Texas, and the resulting damage is usually extensive. The National Hail Team is composed of a squad of paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians who have over two decades of experience fixing all types of hail damaged vehicles. PDR is a method of removing minor dents and dings, but without removing any of the paint from the vehicle. This is done partly by science and in part by using specialized tools.  The team takes pride in their stellar customer service and will work with all major insurance companies.

They will also offer customers peace of mind with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. This includes a lifetime warranty as long as customers own their vehicle and a guarantee that the vehicle’s factory finish will remain intact. Free estimates are always provided, and most jobs will be finished within one to three business days.

The National Hail Team’s certified PDR technicians carefully work on each went to return the vehicle to its previous condition, or even better. By keeping the factory paint intact, there is no grinding, fillers, or primers needed. To get an idea of where to go when your car is in need of repairs, contact us.