There’s not much you can do about a hail storm. When they occur, you might still need to be on the road. Unlike rain, the hail could actually damage your car. Whether you use windshield wipers or not, the hail will still come down – and the larger the hail, the more damage it will do to your car.

How to Deal with Recent Hail Storms

Damage to the Clear Coat

Some hail is bigger than it looks – and has the potential to ruin the clear coat. If you don’t get the problem addressed, the paint will start to wear away. This means you need to be aware of the situation and explore a paint fix.

Dents and Other Pings

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with hair is that it comes down with such force that it doesn’t just bounce off the body of your car. It creates a ping, which leaves a little dent behind. Some hail has been known to be the size of a golf ball, and even larger.

Some of the recent hailstorms have caused a lot of damage. You need to be aware of the damage and do something about it. Otherwise, the aesthetic of your vehicle will be impacted.

If you don’t have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance, hail storm damage is something you have to deal with on your own. Luckily, paintless dent repairs are affordable and allow you to get the necessary fix.

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