Auto Hail Repair

Hail Storms typically happen in the DFW Metroplex in April or May.  If your vehicle gets damaged in a hail storm do not hesitate to give us a call.  We specialize in hail repair which means we get your vehicle repaired properly and back to you sooner than conventional body shops.

Why Choose Us For Your Auto Hail Repair Needs?

1.  No out of pocket expense for most customers with comprehensive insurance coverage.
2.  We PDR as much of the hail damage as possible to ensure a seamless repair without paint work issues or delays.
3.  Your vehicle retains original OEM panels and paint that helps with resell.
4.  We only repair hail damage so you receive a specialized repair from experienced technicians
5.  We maintain factory seams and welds on body panels as compared to body shops that cut off roof panels and replace original panels with cheap aftermarket options.
6.  We are a small shop so you receive quality personalized service.

What Is Our Hail Repair Process?

Once your insurance company completes the initial inspection and preliminary estimate the process is really easy for our customers.  Give us a call to schedule a repair appointment and we take over the claim from there.  The next time you see your vehicle, it will be detailed and returned back to pre-storm condition.  Ready for a hassle-free hail repair?  Give us a call today!

What Is The Difference Between Your Repair Shop And Local Body Shops/Dealerships?

1.  We are independent so we can waive all or portions of your insurance deductible.
2.  We are specialist who only repair hail damage as opposed to a body shop that are generalist.
3.  We actually perform the repair on your car.  When you choose local body shop/dealerships they actually sub out your repair to an external dent company like us so you are really dealing with the middle man.
4.  We have a small number of repairs on hand so this means a more efficient repair for your vehicle.
5.  We choose PDR over conventional repair so the amount of bondo, aftermarket parts and sanding is minimized.

We are a comprehensive auto hail repair shop that provides:

1.  Industry leading PDR
2.  Molding Replacement
3.  Glass Replacement
4.  Conventional Paint & Body Repair