Hail damage doesn’t mean the end of enjoying a good-looking car. Our National Hail Team has an A+ BBB rating and works with all insurance providers. Each technician that works on our hail repair team is an expert with extensive experience.

Auto Hail Repair Reverses Stormy Weather Damage

Even though hail is quite destructive on your car, it is still reversible. The most effective solution will have your car restored to its pre-loss condition without keeping your car in the repair shop for a week. The National Hail Team uses state-of-the-art technology to repair your hail damage. The process has a quick turnaround of about 3 days or less. We strictly adhere to high-quality craftsmanship no matter the make, model or year of your vehicle. The job is always done correctly the first time and it’s a guarantee that the dents will never be visible again.

We’ve developed an easy way to estimate the damages. We understand how important it is to maintain the value of your vehicle and this is always considered. Hail damage is unsightly, whether it’s the size of a walnut or a baseball. Your vehicle is among the most expensive purchases you will make. During the repair process, our technicians restore the vehicle to its pre-damaged condition without the use of paint. Any panel of the car affected by hail is replaceable and cracked paint is a simple fix. Contact our professionals today to get rid of hail damage. The damage caused by hailstorms is one of the most common issues we deal with.