We’ve all been there, sitting in our living room listening to the soothing sound of rain bounce off our roof when suddenly we hear the unmistakable, horrid shift of raindrops turning to hail. When we stand up to look out the window and see our brand new car getting attacked by shards of ice falling from the sky we grab our phone and google search “auto hail repair“, grab your insurance card and begin the arduous process of filing an insurance claim. With Dallas Paintless Dent Repair we make this process as painless as possible.

Auto Hail Repair in the Dallas Area

Paintless dent repair aka “PDR” is a process which involves getting underneath of the dent and massaging the metal back into the original shape. We work with insurance companies to make sure that you get all of your hail damage repaired, and get your car back as soon as possible, with a limited lifetime warranty on all of the work that we do.

When your car is damaged by hail and you have contacted your insurance company, they will send out a claims adjuster to perform an initial inspection. Once you have your initial inspection contact us to schedule an appointment to get your car fixed and returned in 1 – 10 days.

Occasionally when we inspect your car we find hidden damage the claims adjuster did not initially see.  This will not affect the amount which you have to pay, and your monthly insurance payment will not increase. Since we are an independent company we also have the luxury of electing not to collect your deductible which keeps more money in your pocket.